DCL Careers

DCL Careers

At the Dialysis Center of Lincoln, our patients and staff are considered family. We foster a kind, welcoming, and encouraging environment. Our commitment to professional growth and ongoing training allows our team to achieve advancing certifications, ultimately providing progressive care and improving the quality of life for our patients.

We ensure voices are heard, and that needs are met to the best of our ability. We are a local, independent company that offers substantial benefits and opportunities. 

Get started in a career where you take care of patients, and the company takes care of you. 

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Before I started working here, I had no idea what dialysis was. Over the past 4 years through guidance of nurses, dieticians, and social workers, etc.., I have a true knowledge and understanding of the wonders of dialysis.  I truly love my job.  I have a deep love for my patients, and am proud of the care we as a Dialysis team give them.  I am thankful for my job and proud to be a Dialysis Technician. 

Gwen - CCHT

Hi! My name is Alex and I am a nurse at DCL. While I was in nursing school, I had a preceptorship opportunity at our Columbus dialysis unit.  I really enjoyed learning about renal diseases, dialysis, and the responsibilities of a dialysis nurse. During my preceptorship I shadowed a few nurses and assisted with their daily routine.  At the time I was already working as an LPN in a completely different area in nursing. I then realized how much different my life would be as a dialysis nurse. Shortly after I finished school, I was contacted by DCC and was offered a job at the dialysis unit in Columbus. Dialysis nursing is a rewarding career! I am proud to help people through their illness and through their journey obtaining a kidney transplant.


Hola! Mi nombre es Alex y soy una enfermera en DCL.  Cuando estuve en la escuela de enfermería tuve la oportunidad de participar en una preceptoría en el centro de diálisis. Me gusto aprender sobre enfermedades renales, diálisis y las responsabilidades de una enfermera de diálisis. Durante mi preceptoría trabaje con enfermeras y asistir en sus labores de cada día. En ese tiempo yo ya estaba trabajando como enfermera en un área médica completamente diferente. Es allí donde me di cuenta de que mi carrera como enfermera de diálisis sería más placentera. Después de terminar la escuela de enfermería el centro de diálisis de Lincoln me ofreció un puesto en el centro de diálisis en Columbus. Ser enfermera de diálisis es una labor gratificante.  Me da orgullo saber que estoy ayudando a gente durante su enfermedad renal y durante la trayectoria para recibir un trasplante de riñón.

Alex - RN

I started working for DCL in the summer of 2006 after hearing of an opening from my father-in-law Mike Schwarz, who was Chief of Bio-med for 30+ years. (Now retired.) I started part-time at the O Street location and moved to full time here at SW when construction was finished in 2007.

I get the opportunity to make an impact on many people’s lives, whether that is helping a co-worker with tasks, giving a helping hand to a patient or even just being a friend to talk to. I enjoy being connected to people in my community and I feel it is my duty to give a helping hand when someone needs it. I continue to enjoy each day because of the bonds I share with our patients, getting to help foster the culture and friendships, and knowing what we do makes a difference in someone’s life. 

Angela - Administrative Assistant

I choose to work at DCL because I like that it is a small, locally owned company and wanted to have the opportunity to build relationships with the patients I take care of. 

I stay because working here feels like a family, staff and patients included! It brings me so much joy to know that I can have fun at work and still provide high quality patient care. We can laugh at staff meetings, celebrate patient milestones with them, and all while helping people live their best life on dialysis. 

Sara - Dietitian

"Growing up, my grandma was always going to this [dialysis] treatment three days a week that I knew little to nothing about. This last year we lost her and I learned that the one thing keeping her with us was that treatment. I needed to know more about it so what better way than to get a job at DCL. This has been anything but a normal job. I joined DCL a little over a month ago and have not loved a job more. The DCL team is so appreciative of each other, so kind, and provide the best care to their patients. It makes me so happy to think my grandma was taken care of this well all this time. I am proud to be a part of the DCL team." 


Sage - Patient Care Technician

"I am thrilled to be a part of this team at DCL. We really have a lot of great people working here that are in tune with patient needs and desire how we can best serve each of them. It has been a positive experience for me and it is wonderful to have a true sense of pride in where you work. It is really refreshing to see that patient care is still a top priority at DCL. I love it!"

Kimberly - Social Worker